Meet Maxime, a Novera Consultant !

In your words, what is consulting ?

According to me, consulting has two dimensions: expertise and change. And those dimensions can be found in most of consulting activities, for example in a digital transformation that we implement at one of our clients. The process will lead to both structural and technical changes.

The first dimension is the expertise we brought in order to perform the implementation. As experts, we are able to swiftly find and implement efficient solutions to solve various pain points.

The second dimension is the change management. Most of the time, an implementation will lead to changes, a support is necessary for a successful project. Having new technology is useful, but adopting and mastering them them is even more !

Since changes are specific to each customer, solutions are built in conjunction with the customer to best meet real needs.

In short, consultancy at Novera is about giving an expert opinion and guide the company towards implementation and adoption.

What do you implement?

What we are implementing for our customers can be very various, but we could classify them into 2 categories :

  1. Implementation of a new solution in a digital transformation process (until now almost non-existent)
  2. Improvement of an existing solution but which suffers from some difficulties, shortcomings, etc.

At the practical level, we start with a discovery phase to identify the needs of the company. We discover their way of managing their business, and especially some specifics and some constraints. We need to have the answers to several questions including:

  • What are the current issues?
  • What is their vision for this digital transformation?
  • Where can we add value with this project?

At Novera we use Salesforce to meet our customers needs, Salesforce is versatile and can meet many needs from sales to marketing to human resources. Even if Salesforce started as a CRM, today the platform goes further and is now a customer success platform. There may be configuration and development phases.

At Novera we work with an agile methodology : each functionality is defined as a user story, that are part of a general backlog. Then, based on business priorities, sprints are defined. Each sprint will then focus on a predefined backlog that will provide a solution to one or more user stories, in order to deliver a global solution.

Before the sprint, a couple of acceptance criteria are defined and at the end of the sprint we can then validate or not the solution in agreement with the customer.

A retrospective phase takes place at the end of each sprint in order to improve the team’s dynamics and performance for the sprints progress

Could you present one of your challenge ?

The biggest challenge is to be able to manage several missions at the same time: you need to organize your working time according to customer requests and emergencies that may occur. Some times, managing a couple of deliveries of several customers at the same time can be challenging! You need to learn then how to draft a reasonable planning and how to manage customer expectations.

In my case it is a real challenge, coming from a company where I was an intern and where I only had one mission at the time to manage.

In addition to time management, adapting to the functioning of our various customers is also a challenge. The management of needs is not the same from one company to another. Depending on the company, it is necessary to adapt to their way of working, even if the background remains the same.

There are really two challenges for me: coordinating your agenda and adapting to everyone’s needs.

Can you describe a day in a life of a Novera consultant ?

There are two typical days:

The day I work for Company X and only for Company X. The day must be organized according to the priorities that have been defined with the client and deadlines must be met. I can focus on this company all day long.

The day you have to manage several clients, there is a main mission and emergencies that may arise. There you have to be able to adapt your time to solve problems as quickly as possible without jeopardizing the priorities defined for the day. Clients who are faced with a blocking situation must be helped as quickly as possible.

Would you recommend Novera as a company to work for ?

Yes, and I think that many profiles could be interested in Novera. Our company is still in the Start Up stage. Depending on what you are looking for, you can quickly take responsibilities that then require a strong commitment. I’m coming from a previous experience that was not satisfying, because as a young worker I was not evolving enough and this frustrated me. When you come at Novera, if you accept to play the game, you really evolve in terms of personal development, both in terms of hard skills and soft skills. This is something that is essential today in the field of information technology. Novera is both a start up and above all an IT Start up, we quickly have a lot of responsibilities, if we are ready to take them. For any profile who wants to evolve and look further, I recommend 100% Novera.

I was able to gain responsibility without spending 10 years in a traditional company. Of course, responsibilities lead to more stress and more things to do, but for anyone who is angry and wants to learn Novera is clearly a good fit. On the one hand we learn from our customers and on the other hand Novera provides a learning environment for those who want it. Before Novera, I was not motivated to go forward in this direction, but the two founders were able to bring me this motivation and state of mind. Yes! I recommend Novera.

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